About company

Chae Look is a resort-wear fashion brand offering 'Resort Lifestyle Look.' We propose and style resort and vacation looks for those who enjoy free lifestyle, traveling on a plane or cruise throughout the year, like jet setters. We propose the 'resort fashion look' with fashion products and lifestyle to women who want to show off their style from the airport and in a resort or vacation site. Our year-round collections designed for all seasons and climates convey a unique sporty and comfortable style and the unique textile design created by Chae Look adds sophistication, so that you can dress up and create fashion style of any time, place, and occasion. With the resort lifestyle looks and fashion style proposed by Chae Look, you can show your fashion sense and make more beautiful memories, as a trend-leader.

Brand philosophy

Chae Look creates textile and fashion design inspired by botanical flowers and herbs. 'Chae' means ‘彩(color)’ while ‘Look’ signifies ‘style,' meaning we 'color the style' in our designs. Today, people are living with highly developed science technologies. They seek psychological comfort and consolation while enjoying abundance offered by civilization and prioritizing material values. Chae Look turns the comfort and beauty found in plants and nature into textile and fashion design products to heal the whole world with the beauty.

Brand based on humanities

Chae Look creates textile designs based on the concept of botanical art. It was intended to make you feel as if you are looking at flowers and plants in a plant book or garden, or painting on a fabric. With the artistic sense, Chae Look provides healing, comfort, consolation, and refreshment of the mind to everyone.